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Top Tips to save you from Wedding Dress Woes

We all love a good wedding- but let’s face it… a day of photo’s outside in the long grass or sweeping gravel driveways, drinks, good food, cake, more drinks, dancing into the early hours and hugs & kisses from over excited friends wearing their best pink/red lippy will all take their toll on your beautifully delicate, white or ivory wedding gown!

So, with wedding season almost upon us and the buzz of a royal wedding to look forward to, we thought it was a great opportunity to give you some hints and tips on what to do with your dream dress once the big day is over.

The thought of getting your wedding dress dry cleaned can seem quite daunting, but it needn’t be. American Dry Cleaning Company has a team of technicians who specialise in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses just like yours.

First things first, why not prepare a little ‘wedding emergency kit’ for the day. A little bit of planning can help minimise any strains to the dress you may pick up on the day. So below are some hints and tips about what you can do keep your dress looking in tiptop shape from wedding aisle to the dance floor!

Your emergency kit might include useful items such as:

1. Tissues, for the tears!
2. Safety pins for you train, in case your train loop comes loose on the dance floor (as mine did!)
3. A mini sewing kit (for a dropped hem- apparently the most common dress mishap)
4. Small make-up sponge (to help lift any obvious stains you pick up through day (dab in a little white vinegar for red wine, Vodka for lipstick)
5. A decorative broach (to help cover up any mishaps beautifully, just in case you have a small tear to the dress!)
6. Just add your lipstick and mirror and you’re ready to go!

Post wedding, when you get your gown home, hang the dress in its dress cover, away from direct sunlight and heat, until you can get it to your chosen specialist. If the dress is wet or stained, the sooner you can get it professionally cleaned, the greater the chances of successful cleaning. It may help to start looking and even choosing your wedding dress cleaner before the big day, and booking it in as part of your wedding ‘to do’ list.

At our HQ, all wedding dresses undergo a detailed examination by a specialist to classify all stains and soiling to ensure they are treated correctly by our team. After the wedding dress has been completely treated using our delicate green cleaning techniques and has received a final inspection, it is hand pressed by our master pressers with each layer and fold receiving careful attention.

On completion of the preservation process your wedding dress is then carefully layered and packed. We take extra special care to shape the sleeves and bodice with acid free paper to ensure a long lifespan for your dress.

For lifetime storage we recommend a wedding dress box. This further protects your dress from the effects of environmental contaminants such as dust and UV light that can age, fade and discolour your cleaned dress. Our preservation boxes are specially designed and hand crafted in the UK, to ensure safekeeping and to prolong the life of your bridal gown. The box is made of specially milled neutral board and the dress is packaged in layers of acid-free paper to help maintain the shape and protect it from the harmful environment. It’s a serious business!

Finally, bare in mind that try as we may, no specialist can guarantee complete stain removal, and beads and sequins can come loose during the cleaning process. Always discuss this with your chosen cleaning specialist beforehand to ensure you get then best possible outcome!