Wedding dresses are carefully examined to check for stains (usually grass and red-wine) and damage (high heels on the dance floor!)  Once your wedding dress has been cleaned, it is then hand-pressed by our master pressers with each layer receiving careful attention. Your wedding dress is returned on a hanger in a garment bag or in a wedding dress box. Special care is taken to shape the sleeves and bodice with acid-free paper.

We recommend our wedding dress box which is specially designed to ensure the safekeeping and prolong the life of your wedding dress. It protects against dust and UV lights that can age, fade and discolour your dress. The box is made of milled neutral board and the dress itself is packaged in layers of acid free tissue to help maintain the shape.

Wedding Dresses Dry Cleaning Service by Expert Cleaners

Preserve Your Precious Memories with Our Expert Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Services.

American Dry Cleaning Company offers a specialist service to clean and preserve your wedding dress for years to come (Unless you’re planning to re-marry any time soon!)

We understand how important your wedding gown is to you as a symbol of your special day. That is why, at American Dry Cleaning Company, we provide expert wedding gown cleaning and preservation services to ensure that your gown remains as lovely as the day you wore it.To remove stains and dirt from your dress while preserving the delicate nature of the fabric, our specialists use only the gentlest cleaning solutions and techniques. We also provide specialized preservation techniques to protect your gown from future damage, allowing you to cherish it for years to come. You can count on us to provide exceptional service and results for all of your wedding gown needs. Schedule your appointment today and trust American Dry Cleaning Company with your priceless memories.

For more information please visit your local branch or book a collection.

Wedding Dress Collection and Delivery

American Dry Cleaning also provides specialized wedding gown cleaning, which is an important step in preserving the beauty and memories of your special day. Wedding gowns are frequently delicate and require specialized care to ensure proper cleaning and preservation.

American Dry Cleaning recognizes the significance of preserving your wedding gown and provides a thorough and detailed cleaning process to remove any stains or damage that may have occurred on your wedding day. Their skilled staff employs gentle and effective cleaning methods to ensure that your gown is cleaned with care.

American Dry Cleaning also provides collection and delivery services for added convenience Their representatives will come to your designated location to pick up your wedding gown for cleaning and then return it to you once it has been cleaned. This is especially useful for busy brides who may not have the time or resources to drop off and pick up their gown in person.

You can ensure that your wedding dress is properly cleaned and preserved for years to come by using American Dry Cleaning’s wedding dress cleaning, collection, and delivery services.


Amazing repair job. The team at American Dry Cleaning did an amazing repair job when I found that moths had eaten a small hole in my wedding dress. My daughter is now having the dress altered so she can wear it at her wedding. Thank you!

Very positive experience! I used this company for the first time last week and arranged for a free collection and delivery service from my home. The whole experience was brilliant and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. I will be using them again!

I am a loyal customer. I have been using my local American Dry Cleaning branch for some time and have never had a problem with their service. I have now taken up a loyalty card membership to save even more money on my dry cleaning. All-round great service!

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