Your wedding day was the best day of your life and will leave you with precious memories for years to come. However, your precious wedding dress also lived your best day right there with you, but may not be quite so keen to retain the memories of your big day.

We are talking about those grass stains, red wine stains, sauce, gravy or grease splashes, spilt cocktails, perfume, mascara and make-up residue from the endless tear-stained hugs from family and friends, and even damage done to the hem of your dress by your high-heels while bopping the night away on the dance floor.

A lot of new brides would like to keep their wedding dress clean and well preserved for the future, and the best way to do this is to have it professionally dry cleaned by our experienced team at American Dry Cleaning.


Buttons, pearls, lace and bows

We understand just how delicate your wedding dress may be. You may have chosen beautiful pearl buttons, fine lace layers, and jewel embellishments that can be fragile and prone to chipping, cracking or breaking off completely.

Some less careful dry cleaners often don’t protect these delicate touches that make your wedding dress so special and beautiful. However, our friendly team at American Dry Cleaning are very knowledgeable and experienced in taking good care of wedding dresses, which is good because your dresses delicate embellishments are often irreplaceable.

We take care to remove any fragile buttons and embellishments before cleaning and replace them afterwards. However, we will take great care to fully assess your wedding dress before agreeing to dry clean it and will tell you if we think there will be any problems with the process.

Our team have vast experience in dry cleaning many designer wedding dresses, antique and vintage wedding dresses and gowns that are family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations. Your wedding dress will be in safe hands with us!

Special treatment for wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are usually top-quality garments that use natural fabrics and natural materials for buttons, such as bone or shell. These natural materials can be brittle and can easily chip or crack, even while the dress is being worn.

Buttons made using natural materials can be expensive to replace, so it’s better not to damage them in the first place and this is why we will remove any buttons that we think may be damaged during the dry cleaning process but don’t worry – we will replace these for you after your dress has been cleaned.

Wedding dress dry cleaning is a very gentle yet effective way to lift out difficult stains like champagne, red wine and other food or drink stains. We don’t use harmful chemicals in our dry cleaning processes so your dress fabric will be preserved in fantastic condition.

After being carefully dry cleaned, your wedding dress will be hand-pressed by our skilled pressers and your dress will be returned to you in a protective garment bag or wedding dress box.

Find out more about our wedding dress dry cleaning service. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help preserve your wedding dress, do not hesitate to contact us!